Ferrero Küsschen arrive via Saxony-Anhalt South

The logistics company has been running the 'Eastern' regional warehouse for the confectioner for six years. Adolf Jahr, managing director of the Offergeld branch on the industrial estate, which spreads over the boundaries of several parishes, says "We support the complete logistics chain. The regional warehouse is filled with goods from the central warehouse in Stadtallendorf in Hesse. Depending on the retail chain we arrange complete shipments, pack the goods and distribute them". The confectionary manufacturer must be happy with the logistics company in Schleinitz, as recently Offergeld Logistik also began running the 'Southwestern' regional warehouse in Bietigheim in Baden-Württemberg for them as well. Currently three employees from Schleinitz are working in Bietigheim, in order to train their colleagues for the logistics business in confectionary.

The chocolate manufacturers Lindt & Sprüngli from Switzerland and Rotstern from Thuringia are also clients of the company. Offergeld also stores 10,000 metric tons of white sugar in all kinds of varieties in its warehouses on behalf of the Südzucker AG in Zeitz. The Freyburg cellars for  Rotkäppchen-Mumm sekt (a type of sparkling German wine similar to champagne), as well as two large sheet glass manufacturers also rely on the services of the logistics firm and on their specialist vehicles. The managing director, Jahr, puts the company's success down to the excellent location of the operation as well as to the commitment of his 300 employees. Jahr goes on to say "for logistics service providers, the proximity to motorways is the top priority".

Other firms who are located in the industrial estate (established in 1991) also appreciate this proximity. Now it has grown to 145 hectares.  Günther Wienhold, the managing director of the Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (Association for Economic Promotion) in the Burgenland district reports that only three hectares are still available. Alongside a range of manufacturing companies the haulage company Reico and Kaufland Logistik GmbH have located to the industrial estate. The fresh produce and logistics centre from Kaufland in Unterkaka/Osterfeld supplies 122 branches of the retail chain in Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Saxony, Northern Bavaria, Hesse and Lower Saxony. At peak times up to 2,000 lorries leave the centre daily. The retail giant has just extended its warehouse area by 35,000 square metres in June. They invested an amount which amounted to several million Euros. Not only was a new warehouse complex built, but also a tunnel under the major road 190. Unterkaka's mayor, Manfred Kalinka, who has been involved from the very beginning of the industrial estate, explains that this ensured a link to the existing warehouse area which had been there for 15 years. Just like the expert in promoting economic development, Wienhold, and the managing director of Offergeld, Jahr, he attributes the appeal of the warehouse to its excellent location. The A9 Berlin-Munich motorway, and the A38 motorway, the nearby Leipzig/Halle airport and the many automotive suppliers make the location of interest to many investors. Now 4,000 people work there, 2,000 of these for Kaufland alone.

This is why, one motorway exit further north, the town of Weissenfels is planning a similar success story. An industrial estate near Weissenfels, Langendorf, Zorbau and Nessa, is planned with an initial area of 160 hectares, Wienhold looks ahead.



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