100,000 square metres redeveloped - ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park) would like to expand further

The special feature of the ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen is above all the considerable resulting synergy, saving costs and creating competitive advantages. After all, more than 360 companies, from all corners of the globe, have decided to (re)locate here. This includes, amongst others, global chemical concerns such as Akzo, Bayer, Dow, Evonik Degussa, Honshu/Mitsui and PV Crystalox.

The companies appreciate the upstream and downstream chemical products and the close proximity to partners in the industry. They also appreciate the common use of infrastructure, such as for example the use of pipe bridges for raw materials and product pipelines, the availability of chlorine, oxygen and other basic chemicals "but also the use of railway lines, the plant's fire brigade and security services are all options in the ChemiePark", as Werner Rienäcker explains. But before all of this was possible on the newly developed site, much skill and muscle power was needed, as the demolition work on the former Wolfener Schwefelsäure und Zement GmbH (Wolfener Sulphur and Cement (WSZ)) was incredibly demanding on both man and machine. The WSZ site was purchased by the municipality of Bitterfeld-Wolfen in 2007 at a forced sale by auction after the company went into insolvency.

Building work had started a year ago, however it proved more difficult than expected. "We had to remove all foundations down to six metres deep", explains Werner Rienäcker. "Only then could we replace the soil and fill it up to the right height again. In the process more building rubble fell into the subterranean area, so that altogether we had more than 120,000 metric tons of rubble, clinker and reinforced concrete to dispose of. Throughout the whole period of demolition work, soil samples were taken regularly in order to guarantee clean soil, says Rienäcker. "The last existing building, the furnace, where we had found asbestos was again a great challenge. But we have managed it."

The redevelopment of the site fits perfectly into the more than 1,200 hectare ChemiePark Bitterfeld Wolfen, which was taken over in 2001 by the Preiss-Daimler group and has been developed and modernised at a cost of approx. 230 million Euros. "As the former WSZ site is in an area attached to the ChemiePark, we are working closely with the town with the target of finding a suitable investor to relocate there" Fritz Künzel explains, manager of technology for the P-D ChemiePark Bitterfeld Wolfen GmbH The advantages of the ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen cannot be ignored. After all, even very recently several companies have extended their facilities or have announced their intention to do so.

Author: Dagmar Perschke



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