Solar Conference: Haseloff to welcome high ranking business delegation from Saudi Arabia

You are warmly invited to attend for reporting on:


Tuesday, 3rd August 2010, 10.00 am

Palais am Fürstenwall, Festsaal,

Hegelstraße 42, 39104 Magdeburg


Please note: The solar conference will be opened at 10.30 am. Before this, there will be the opportunity to take photographs and brief press statements will be given by Minister Haseloff and the representatives of the Saudi Arabian business delegation.

During their trip, the guests from Saudi Arabia will visit the Solar Valley Thalheim on Wednesday (4th August), particularly the Q-Cells. On Thursday (5th August) a visit to the ChemieParks Bitterfeld-Wolfen as well as the Dessau-Wörlitzer Garden Kingdom is on the agenda.

The delegation trip is organised by the state’s investment and marketing corporation in cooperation with the federal and state economics ministry as well as the Near and Middle Eastern Association (NUMOV), which has been dedicated to strengthening business relations between Germany and the regions of the Near and Middle East for already 75 years.

Germany is, after USA, China and Japan, Saudi Arabia’s fourth biggest importer. In 2009, Germany imported goods worth 648 million euros out of the Kingdom, of this ca. 12.8 million went to Saxony Anhalt. Germany exports goods worth ca. 4.8 billion euros to Saudi Arabia of which ca. 68.7 million euros are from businesses in Saxony-Anhalt.