Prize for Innovation and Climate Protection 2010 to be awarded


1. Innovation in planning, research and development

The Innovation Prize for Planning, Research & Develop puts the focus on exemplary concepts for saving energy. Increasing efficiency and reducing emissions on the basis of energy saving natural gas technologies as well as newly developed efficient appliance technologies. It will give impulses and ease the way for creative solutions to be put into practice.

Innovative concepts to distribute new technologies are also taken into consideration here. In 2010 the prize will again be given together with the Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobilclub e. V. (ADAC, or the German Motoring Association).

Application documents can be submitted for the following categories:

A) Efficient and environmentally friendly plans for energy facilities with natural gas applications (also in combination with regenerative energies)

B) Special achievements in research & development in the area of natural gas applications, to distribute natural gas applications and for training and knowledge transfer

2. Innovation in environmentally friendly mobility

Natural gas in transport puts the focus on ideas and initiatives that contribute to the distribution of natural gas as a fuel. It will give sustainable impulses for environmentally friendly drive technology with natural gas. This prize will be given with the Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobilclub e. V. (ADAC, or the German Motoring Association) for the fifth time in a row.

The application can be submitted to ASUE e.V., Postfach 10 01 16, 45001 Essen,

Fax: 02 01- 27 22 64 until the end of July.

Application documents and further information under