Thomas Einsfelder, Managing Director of IMG Saxony-Anhalt, Appointed to New Office

Thomas Einsfelder, Managing Director of the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt, was today elected to the Spokespersons’ Council for the Working Group of the Federal States’ Economic Development Agencies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaften der Bundesländer).

“I believe it is important to implement our state-level approach to collaborative partnership at a national level, too. In times when things are difficult for economic development organizations, we must pull together. I am convinced that we need to rethink economic development and that we must reposition ourselves in order to be able to professionally respond to the challenges of the market and our customers. I would like to bring in new momentum both from Saxony-Anhalt and from eastern Germany with the help of my colleagues,” says Einsfelder.

The aim of the Working Group is to draw from each other’s experience and ideas and to implement joint projects for economic development. That includes location marketing, acquiring foreign companies and advising businesses on their location projects. The Council has been in session since yesterday in the Bauhaus and Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Items on the agenda include a discussion of the experiences and challenges facing economic development as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.