Sonotec Expands Greatly and Builds a Second Site in Halle

“The expansion of the site in our native town of Halle will set the course for our on-going growth as an innovative technology company and manufacturer,” Hans-Joachim Münch, CEO of SONOTEC GmbH, summarizes the most comprehensive venture in the company's history so far. “At the same time, our plans actively contribute to the economic strengthening of our native region.” On 15th December 2021, the construction application was signed and submitted to the local building authorities. Until 2023, the location at the Thüringer Straße will see the construction of a sustainable production and administration building with approximately 4,300 square meters of floor space on three floors. Apart from up-to-date working environments for 150 staff, the site will offer ample space for further manufacturing. The architectural concept of the representative building that will offer insights into production from outside by day and night emphasizes the nature of SONOTEC as reliable and traditional family company on the one hand and groundbreaking and open-minded technology company on the other.

Focus on Innovation

Sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technology pave the way into the future for SONOTEC. “A photovoltaic system and block-type thermal power station, combined with an adsorption-type refrigeration system, will generate environment-friendly energy supply and provide efficient building services. Our design for the new construction meets the requirements of a KfW 40 Plus House including renewable energy classification, is thus eligible for subsidies and government-backed financing and will be implemented within the framework of the BEG federal funding support for energy-efficient buildings,” says Manuel Baistock, partner at Vollack. The use of trigeneration power supply and an air-to-water heat pump for heating and cooling emphasize the sustainability of the concept. Groundbreaking building technology will guarantee optimized control of all equipment functions.

Upgrade of the Existing Company Site

Apart from investing into the new building, the Münch company founder family also plans to modernize and upgrade the existing site in the Nauendorfer Straße of Halle. As family members Manuela and Michael Münch state, “The focus on superior quality standards, on-going innovations and our great responsibility for our employees has shaped the company for the past three decades. In the future, these values will be expressed in both the old and the new building.