Q-Cells drives commercialization of N-type PV technology with further R&D investments

Q CELLS is strengthening its research & development in Germany with additional investments of 15.5 million euros. The money will be used to develop n-type technology, on the basis of which Q CELLS will present a new solar module before the end of 2021 that will raise efficiency to the next level.

The €15.5 million is in addition to the €20 million investment already announced by the company in the summer of 2020. Both investments will go towards machinery and equipment for the development of the next generation of PV technology. Together with ongoing annual R&D spending of around €35 million, this brings Q CELLS' total spending in its global center for technological innovation and quality in Germany to over €140 million by 2023.

The latest investment tranche will go towards the procurement of specialized equipment for the development of so-called n-type cells and modules. The team of experienced scientists at Q CELLS has identified this technology as the most effective driver for lowering the cost of electricity (LCOE) in photovoltaics in the coming years.

Development of the n-type technology - which will be called Q.ANTUM NEO - is already well advanced. Q.ANTUM NEO is the next step in Q CELLS' unique Q.ANTUM technology roadmap. It will use n-type cells with passivating contacts to further increase solar module efficiency and performance. Based on this technology, Q CELLS will launch its new Q.TRON solar module before the end of this year, whose efficiency is significantly above the level of p-type modules currently available on the market. In parallel, Q CELLS is working on the research and development of tandem solar cells based on perovskite technology at its R&D headquarters in Germany.

Q CELLS CTO, Dr. Daniel Jeong, said, "Q CELLS' core values have always been technological excellence and leadership. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce today that Q CELLS will launch another breakthrough PV technology later this year with a new, high-efficiency solar module based on our brand new n-type technology, Q.ANTUM NEO. Our precise investment roadmap has been carefully thought out to ensure that Q CELLS can continue to lead the next generations of solar energy technology in the years to come."


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