More basalt fibres from Sangerhausen: DBF invests 3.6 million euros in the site

State secretary Dr Jürgen Ude presents a grant of more than 1.73 million euros

With financial support from the Ministry for the Economy, Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH (DBF) plans to extend its premises in Sangerhausen (in the Mansfeld-Südharz district). State secretary Dr Jürgen Ude presented managing director Georgi Gogoladze with a grant of more than 1.73 million euros for this purpose from the Joint Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures (GRW).

The company, which has had a presence in Sangerhausen since 2008 and currently employs 17 people there, is investing a total of 3.6 million euros, primarily in new machinery and equipment. Five new jobs will be created by the expansion. Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH specialises in manufacturing continuous basalt fibres that are used mainly in the construction industry, wind turbines, shipbuilding, the textile sector and the automotive industry.

State secretary Dr Jürgen Ude said: The expansion of Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH is good news for Sangerhausen as a business location. The company has had long-term success in a very interesting niche market. It has achieved this by means of investment in production and ongoing research and development in cooperation with research institutions in the region.”

DBF managing director Georgi Gogoladze emphasised that: “Our long-term research and development work is gradually being accepted by the market. Our products are made from basalt, which is a natural material, and function as environmentally friendly replacements for existing solutions in the construction industry and the maritime sector, for example. In addition, our innovative approach is opening up new opportunities in the markets of the future, such as electric mobility and telecommunications. We are pleased to be able to increase our capacity and create new jobs with the support of Saxony-Anhalt. This will enable Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH, the first basalt fibre manufacturer in the EU, to establish a European centre of basalt fibre production in Sangerhausen.”