Maywood Media from Magdeburg is one of the most creative companies in Germany

Culture and Creative Pilot Award 2021

This year a company from Magdeburg was recognised as being one of the most creative in Germany. In February, the German Federal Government presented its Culture and Creative Pilot Award 2021 to the team from media production company Maywood Media GmbH for its virtual reality (VR) product RemmyVR.

This product allows people with neurodegenerative diseases or physical disabilities to go on virtual journeys that they can no longer make in reality. The company has worked in collaboration with other businesses to put together a complete package consisting of a VR headset, a living room app and a selection of films. Care homes can offer their residents virtual trips to distant destinations, such as New York or Tokyo, and to nearby holiday resorts in the Harz mountains or on the Baltic Sea coast. There is also the opportunity to meet animals, visit museums or take part in meditation sessions. RemmyVR is already being used successfully by a number of institutions.

Managing director Roxana Hennig highlights the fact that “it arouses positive emotions in people and can sometimes revive old memories”. “We are very pleased that there has been such a good response to our product and that we have received the Culture and Creative Pilot award,” said Hennig, who comes from Magdeburg.

She started out in 2015 as a sole trader and now has two other people working with her at Maywood Media GmbH. In 2018, Hennig launched the “media and care” network where a variety of players from the media industry and specialists from the fields of care and therapy have come together. The RemmyVR product package for care homes has been developed with the help of the Cross Innovation funding programme which is used by Saxony-Anhalt and the European Union to help creative businesses and companies from other industries to work together to develop and sell innovative products and services. This has led to the creation of a permanent network that aims to develop and market additional products.


Every year the German government selects companies to receive its German Culture and Creative Pilot award. The aim of the award is to highlight the work of the industry and to support the players with their business projects. The focus is on the personalities of the entrepreneurs. This year, 765 creative companies applied for the title of German Culture and Creative Pilot. A total of 32 of them will now benefit from nationwide publicity, access to a large network of organisations in the field of culture and creativity, and a one-year individual mentoring programme. It is not the first time that creative businesses from Saxony-Anhalt have received this award. Just in the last two years, companies from the region were among the award-winners. In 2019, A.MUSE – Interactive Design Studio and, in 2020, both Ectoplastic and Büro für Sinn und Unsinn (all from Halle/Saale) brought the title back to Saxony-Anhalt.

This year’s awards were presented in February during a virtual ceremony.