IKA strengthens location and provides new jobs by commissioning a new production plant

  • Commissioning of new production line for patent-protected products
  • Visit by Minister Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, County Commissioner Andy Grabner und Deputy Mayor Stefan Hermann
  • Strengthening of location and increase of local jobs IKA is setting another milestone in its growth strategy at the Bitterfeld-Wolfen location by launching a new large-scale production plant.

After already doubling the mixing capacity for Ca-based products in February this year, and with the current commissioning of the new production line IKA has now doubled as well the capacity for the patent-protected, dust-free products. Since the beginning of this year simultaneously to increasing the production capacity new jobs have been created which led to an increase of approx. 20%, and therefore extended the number of employees to now 90 at the location.

The process, developed and patented by IKA, for the production of PVC-Stabilisers as S-Granules provides the customer with a dust-free product with low abrasion, good dispersibility and a low tendency to break for high-quality PVC-Applications, such as profiles, pipes, fittings as well as flooring. The launch was met with great interest by Minister Prof. Dr. Willingmann, County Commissioner Mr. Andy Grabner and of Deputy Mayor of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Mr. Stefan Herman as well as numerous other guests and representatives of the press. Concluding the event with a guided tour through the plant, the guests were able to see IKA’s innovation and quality standards for themselves.

Source: www.ika-wolfen.de