ChiroBlock Opens New Kilo Lab for Custom Syntheses


On 30 August, Dr Oliver Seidelmann and Dr Volkmar Wendisch, the two managing directors of ChiroBlock GmbH, opened the new kilo lab in the technology & start-up centre in Wolfen along with their employees and project partners.

The company has been operating in applied chemical R&D for 20 years and now invested k EUR 600 in a multi-functional synthesis plant. ChiroBlock is known as a specialist for individual, efficient and innovative solutions for syntheses at lab scale for customers in the chemical industry. This new kilo lab closes the gap between basic research at lab scale and the industrial production.

The need for a synthesis plant open to new technology for sample productions of new substances of up to five kilogrammes is there, emphasised Dr Seidelmann. The result was a plant equipped with many different superstructures. Moreover, it allows to perform synthesises in a broad temperature range between -90 to +200 degrees Celsius. “This means that our synthesis plant is designed for various lab reactions up to low temperature reactions. And we can respond flexibly to the different requirements of our customers,” emphasised Dr Volkmar Wendisch.


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