National Experimental Test Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are becoming increasingly important. Technological advances are currently enabling a new industry for UAS. The new trend results in a significantly increased rate of innovation compared to development cycles hitherto existing in the aviation industry, as it rather resembles the speed of IT companies. This, coupled with new legislation and regulations with regards to UAS, leads to a significant increase in complexity as well as new needs concerning UAS research and testing. With the National Experimental Test Centre for Unmanned Aircraft Systems a novel test facility is to be established that combines the necessary skills and expertise, and which will allow the entities involved in the development of UAS to work in an interdisciplinary manner. The test center will thus serve as a cornerstone for the further development of UAS technologies and thereby play a pioneering part in the enhancement of scientific and economic progress in the field of UAS.

Through the national test center DLR will pursue the following objectives:

  • strengthening research for unmanned aircraft systems

  • coordinate the network of nationwide test fields and reconcile the activities on an international level

  • act as a driving force for the integration of UAS into the airspace and develop new concepts for unmanned aircraft systems

  • support the industry and the scientific community in technological areas and the verification process

  • function as an incubator and enabler for start-ups and SMEs

  • support government and public authorities in legislative and regulatory matters as well as issues of public interest (safety, noise, etc.)

  • validate innovative aircraft concepts employing scaled demonstrators