Investments in Energy-Efficient Production

RULMECA Focuses on Growth

By installing three Hyperturn production centres of the company Emco, RULMECA GERMANY GmbH significantly increases the production capacity of components for the manufacture of drum motors. In this way, the company based in Aschersleben is responding to the rising demand for drum motors while laying the foundations for a faster throughput of the customer orders and further growth in the general cargo business.

Besides expanding capacities, optimising processes and reducing production times, the measures were focused on optimising the energy efficiency of production. By shortening and simultaneously reducing the energy consumption of the production processes, the new machines contribute to a significantly improved life cycle assessment and to fewer pollutant emissions in the relevant production.

The investment project is supported by the state of Saxony-Anhalt and the European Union. As part of the ‘Sachsen-Anhalt ENERGIE’ support programme, RULMECA receives a grant in the amount of EUR 500,000 for the investment from the European Regional Development Fund - shortly ERDF.


RULMECA GERMANY GmbH is part of the RULMECA Group based in Almè/Italy which ensures movement in material handling around the globe. At an ISO-certified site in Aschersleben with more than 200 employees, RULMECA GERMANY produces conveyor rollers, drum motors and belt pulleys for highest demands and any kind of use in general and bulk cargo material handling. To that end, RULMECA cooperates with leading plant manufacturers, development offices and end consumers world-wide. Besides producing material handling components, RULMECA also offers its customers the computation of conveyor belt elements of complex plants as a service.