Artificial Intelligence in industrial maintenance

What if you were able to forecast damage events long before they occur, or you would know when maintenance should really be performed?

What if you would be able to control and monitor maintenance cost, downtime and inventory long-term!


The digitization of the economy is continuing rapidly. Multifunctional and high-precision sensor systems, modern network technologies and intelligent algorithms provide the basis for predictive maintenance strategies for modern production facilities and machineries. The mapping of the high complexity of such production facilities into meaningful and fast control and also analysis algorithms can only be achieved on the human cognitive level with a very high economic effort. Intelligent algorithms offer a cost-effective and rapid to implement alternative.

Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics (IM&P) GmbH is a software company implementing innovative and customized predictive maintenance software for industrial plants, machineries and vehicles. The specially developed software product is based on Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz's long-term research work on the topics of artificial intelligence, complex systems and dynamic structures.

Our predictive maintenance software solution contributes to:

  • a minimization of downtimes
  • a sustainable reduction of maintenance and operating costs
  • an increase of plant availability
  • a further optimization of personnel and material management 

The importance of innovative analysis and control software with artificial-intelligent components as an essential part of our predictive maintenance software will be presented by Prof. Schulz based on a use case in his lecture on "Artificial Intelligence in industrial Maintenance" at the CeBIT event series "Future Talk: the innovative conference forum" on Tuesday; March 21, 2017 from 01:30 PM - 02:00 PM. Location: Hall 6, Stand A54

We are available to answer any questions about our predictive maintenance software solution at the joint stand of the state of Saxony-Anhalt on March 21 and March 22.

Location: Hall 6, Stand B47

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