Fraunhofer Centre opened in Leuna/ Haseloff: New Opportunities for the Chemical Industry

The Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, stated: "The search for alternatives to finite fossil fuels, such as petroleum, is one of the major challenges facing humanity. I am pleased that we can make an important contribution towards putting future resources on a broader footing by opening this Fraunhofer Centre. This will open up new opportunities for the chemical industry."

During his tenure as state Minister for Economic Affairs, Haseloff signed a grant agreement for the Fraunhofer CBP within the context of cluster-support for innovative industries. The state is investing €20.1 million in the centre. A further €6 million will be added on top of this as start-up funding. Altogether, the investment totals €53 million. The new facility will take the step from laboratory solutions to industrial applications. According to project participants, renewable resources, such as wood or straw, will be able to act as raw material supplies for the chemical industry in the future. The Minister-President pointed out that Saxony-Anhalt now occupies a leading role in the use of sustainable resources and renewable energies.

The opening of the Fraunhofer Centre draws a connecting line for the state's traditional chemical industry. The centre is an important component of the BioEconomy cluster, which is among the five winners of the German government's best cluster competition. With reference to the chemical industry's difficult start after the restoration of German unity, Haseloff said: "Chemistry, and research and development should never be left behind in Saxony-Anhalt. On the contrary, we want to make innovative projects our contribution to the global competition for the best ideas for the future. This day is a big step towards making that a reality."


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