Neue Projekte des MAHREG Automotive Innovationsclusters

One project is reducing the mass of electric bicycles and pedelecs. The chainless e-bike "X-PESA", which features on the front page, is one example. Another project is the development of a lightweight, energy-efficient wheel hub motor; three cluster companies and the IMS institute at Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, are currently working on this project.

Securing specialist staff is becoming an increasingly important issue. Many of our members are joining forces to address this problem, as demonstrated by the project "Engineers for the Altmark". Find out more on page 3. This is followed by a "quick-fire" item about a Russian company, highlighting how broadening one's horizons can open up extremely profitable partnerships for our regional companies.

You will have the chance to find out about, experience and test the projects presented here, and discover a whole range of other activities and opportunities at the 1. Tag der Elektromobilit├Ąt e-mobility fair on 27 September 2012. On behalf of Sachsen-Anhalt Automotive e.V. and the innovation and business incubation centre in charge of coordinating and implementing ELISA, IGZ Magdeburg, Dr Ude warmly invites you to attend.