Foreigners create jobs

Saxony-Anhalt is popular among foreign investors. “The best proof of this is the highest investment rate in the comparison of East German federal states”, explained Minister of Science and Economic Affairs Birgitta Wolff. Since 1991 the state has sponsored more than 330 corresponding projects. “An investment volume of almost ten billion euros and more than 20,000 newly created jobs are behind this alone.”

From the viewpoint of the Halle-Dessau Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), foreign investors have a crucial share in the state’s economic development. “Saxony-Anhalt’s reindustrialisation has succeeded with their help”, explained Birgit Stodtko, managing director for the international business segment. But at the same time the IHK expert also called for international enterprises to make efforts in the future. “We must not slacken in our efforts and can take more investments.” For instance, the number of industrial employees in Saxony-Anhalt is still comparatively low. “Here we still have room for improvement.” Direct investments which have a high investment potential and create many jobs are particularly desirable.

The state government is pursuing a similar strategy. New investors are being sought above all in the field of new technologies such as battery and fuel cell production. For instance, Minister-President Reiner Haseloff (CDU) and Minister of Science and Economic Affairs Wolff were in South Korea’s capital Seoul last week for discussions with investors — with positive results, as Haseloff pointed out to the MZ. The contacts established shall be deepened in September in the course of further discussions in Magdeburg. Concrete projects could emerge from this within a year, he said.

However, investments will also be made in other areas. For instance, the Austrian food company Gunz is opening a new logistics centre in Magdeburg at the end of this week. Fifty jobs will be created through the 15 million euro project. The company that relies on private brands will supply customers in Scandinavia, Northeast Europe and overseas from the Magdeburg centre. The site with the central location in the vicinity of the port is an “ideal logistics hub” for this purpose, the company announced.

IHK Expert Stodtko also points out that “Saxony-Anhalt is an attractive location in the heart of Europe”. In addition to the central location and the well-developed infrastructure, the high number of smaller and more innovative firms is a plus factor in the meantime. “We should communicate these potentials more strongly in the search for investors”, emphasised Stodtko. “We are giving away a great deal here.”

source: MZ