A 14 Now Links Börde and Altmark

Road opening ceremony for another new section on the northern extension of the A 14 in Saxony-Anhalt

Thomas Webel, Saxony-Anhalt’s Transport Minister, and Federal Minister for Transport Andreas Scheuer today officially opened the new section of the A 14 highway between Colbitz and Tangerhütte. It has taken around three years to build this 8.5 km stretch.

“The A 14 has arrived in Altmark today. In just two years’ time, it will be extended by nearly 15 km to reach Lüderitz,” explained Webel at the new junction in Tangerhütte. The residents of Altmark, who have been crying out for this highway connection, see the new road as a welcome and important signal.

Scheuer emphasized the political importance of the northern extension of the A 14 as a transport route: “Running from Wismar to Dresden, the A 14 is one of the largest infrastructure projects in eastern Germany. It connects ports and cities and strengthens regions. One third of the 155 km of new road is now in use. And it’s now full steam ahead: construction of three further sections will begin in 2021.”

Now that this section of the A 14 north of the state capital Magdeburg has been opened, the entire stretch between the junctions in Wolmirstedt and Tangerhütte is open for traffic. That means the A 14 now connects Börde and Altmark. The construction of a further two sections between Lüderitz and Osterburg is planned for 2021. The construction of the bridge section over the river Elbe at the state border between Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg is also due to begin then.

The investments in the construction of the A 14 northern extension total around 1.7 billion euros. The German government has invested 92 million euros in the section between Colbitz and Tangerhütte.

Source: mlv.sachsen-anhalt.de