5G Project in Barleben Can Get Underway: An “Innovative Boost” for the Region Says Minister President

Ostfalen Technology Park’s 5G Industrial Working + Co-Working for Medium-Sized Businesses project is one of ten projects across Germany that can count on government funding for expanding innovative 5G structures. Around three million euros has been put aside for the project by the German government.

Minister President Dr. Reiner Haseloff says: “Government funding will make it possible to implement this 5G project in Barleben, giving the region an innovative boost. The undertaking also serves as proof that bright minds are also at work in Saxony-Anhalt in terms of making use of the opportunities presented by the digital era. Saxony-Anhalt is forever developing as a state for innovation.”

Thanks to the government funding, work can now begin on constructing the 5G network structures, which are specially designed to meet the needs of the some 140 medium-sized businesses in Ostfalen Technology Park.