The commitment to Saxony-Anhalt demonstrated by Italian companies cannot be overlooked: since 1990, companies based in Italy have invested around 660 million Euros in Saxony-Anhalt and established 13 subsidiaries in the federal state.

Italy is one of the most important trading partners to industry in Saxony-Anhalt, and is among the federal state’s top four leading export countries. Italian investors value the following: location advantages such as easy access to growing markets, optimum conditions for procurement and sales in Germany and Europe, affordable framework conditions and high technological standards.

And there is another thing that makes Saxony-Anhalt attractive to Italian investors – our proximity to Italy: Investment and Marketing Corporation (IMG) maintains an extensive network of contacts in Italy, and supports companies with the realisation of their investment projects in Saxony-Anhalt with individual consultations.

Italian investments successful in Saxony-Anhalt

Further Information

For Italian companies, Germany is an important trading partner. If only because more than 80 million people live here. As a result, the Federal Republic of Germany is the largest market for Italy within the European Union.

In 2016, companies from Saxony-Anhalt exported goods to a value of 849 million Euros to Italy. Goods to a value of 636 million Euros were imported from Italy.