Israeli investments in Saxony-Anhalt

When Israeli companies look to Germany, more and more of them shift their focus to Saxony-Anhalt. The reason for this is that, companies in Saxony-Anhalt receive individual advice across all areas – from their search for a location, to information on possible sources of funding, to support dealing with authorities, and with everything concerning project realisation. All of this is included with the free service package provided by the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG).

Israeli companies are already present in Saxony-Anhalt with subsidiaries and branch operations. Businesses from Saxony-Anhalt are also succesfull in Israel. In this context, Befer GmbH from Halberstadt participated in the 'Mount Carmel' tunnel building project, FAM GmbH from Magdeburg has manufactured conveying systems for a gypsum plant in Israel.

Israeli companies achieving success in Saxony-Anhalt

As a comparatively small country, Israel can improve on its economic growth by increasing its exports. In 2017, goods were imported from Israel to Saxony-Anhalt to the value of about 24,7 million €, primarily consisting of plastics, textile products, iron, sheet metal and metal goods and electrical components. Saxony-Anhalt primarily exported plastics, primary chemical products, iron, sheet metal, metal goods, plastic goods and machines to Israel to the value of about 45,3 million €.

Further information

Saxony-Anhalt and Israel are not only linked due to their economic and business interests. Both states are also connected on the basis of a shared history, culture and scientific cooperation. Indeed, no other city outside Germany is associated so closely with the BAUHAUS tradition and the Dessau Master Houses as Tel Aviv. When BAUHAUS architect Erich Mendelsohn visited Israel in 1934 he discovered many buildings which find reflection in his own style.

The Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg has been cooperating with the Bar-Ilan-University Tel Aviv for many years. In Halle (Saale), the Martin-Luther-University also maintains partnerships with the Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva and the University of Tel Aviv.