The federal state participates in EU Chemicals Platform

Conference on completion of the first phase of the "S3Chem" project in Halle

Ude: “Exchanging knowledge across national boundaries”

Saxony-Anhalt wants to further strengthen its domestic chemicals industry, and will therefore be participating in the "Smart Specialisation Platform" (S3) of the European Union in the future. In this context, at today’s conference on the EU “S3Chem” project in Halle (Saale), State Secretary Dr. Jürgen Ude presented a "Letter of Commitment" to Renatka Krcova, Director of the European Chemical Regions Network, ECRN. By participating in the S3 platform, Saxony-Anhalt is strengthening its long-standing cooperation with other European chemical regions and taking the future orientation of EU funding policy in terms of innovation, sustainability and the reduction of CO2 into account. Among others, the platform offers customised advice, and brings businesses and research institutions together within the EU for the realisation of forward-looking projects in areas of new growth.

Ude: “Participating in the EU chemicals platform offers a variety of opportunities, particularly in view of the future viability of our chemicals industry and the imminent structural changes due to the withdrawal from coal. A more intensive exchange of knowledge across national boundaries can pave the way for new technologies and processes. The first phase of the “S3Chem” project has demonstrated that the European cooperation has been worthwhile."

“S3Chem” is receiving support as part of the “INTERREG EUROPE” programme. The cooperation project between seven chemical regions in Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands has been ongoing since 2016 under the aegis of the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Economic Affairs. Its objective is to foster intensive discussions so as to improve the promotion of innovation in the areas of chemistry and bioeconomy in the regions. The results of the first phase of the project have been presented in Halle in the form of regional action plans which are now to be implemented by 2021. The “S3Chem” project is being supported with approximately 1.8 million Euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Further information is available at:

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