Mercedes has ambitions and is focusing on Farasis in Saxony-Anhalt

The car manufacturer Daimler wants to obtain battery cells from a planned factory in Bitterfeld from the Farasis group in future

It is decided – at “The Battery Show” in Novi, Michigan, Daimler AG and Farasis Energy Co Ltd. announced their partnership yesterday as part of the sustainability strategy “Ambitions 2039”.

The battery cells should be used already for the next generation of Mercedes Benz vehicles which are produced with 100 % energy from renewable sources.

But the partnership of both mobility giants goes even further. In order to follow the path in the direction of sustainable mobility, the whole value chain is considered.

An important step here is Farasis Energy establishing themselves in Saxony-Anhalt. From the very beginning, the location is built as CO2-neutral, and only then will the locations in the USA and China follow suit. As well as a self-assessment, DEKRA is a firm partner and will check compliance with all environmental standards.

With their settlement, the economic developers of the state have scored a real coup. Thomas Einsfelder, head of the state's Investment and Marketing Corporation, is in Michigan with Farasis’ Europe boss Sebastian Wolf and is delighted: “Saxony-Anhalt is the frontrunner when it comes to renewable energies. Farasis’ decision to settle here is the result of the excellent work of many stakeholders in our state and a result of the IMC’s new focus. The Farasis/ Daimler AG partnership shows that as a federal state, we are future-proof.”

At an exclusive site event for the world’s largest battery trade fair for a specialist audience, Sebastian Wolf presents the advantages of Saxony-Anhalt as a location. One thing was clear to Farasis after a year and a half of looking for a location around the world: the first Europe location must be Saxony-Anhalt:

“The decision in favour of a future settlement location is not just characterised by our own growth strategy, but also by the requirements of infrastructure and the local situation. We are very confident in our choice with Saxony-Anhalt. This decision represents our confidence in the economic and technological strength of the region and covers the consistently constructive and strong communication with the government, as well as our role as an active player in a strong technology partner network. As well as responsible and sustainable production, our placement as an attractive and forward-thinking employer in the region is very important,” says Farasis Europe Managing Director Wolf.

The new mobility sector is booming and Saxony-Anhalt is consistently focusing on the future.