Energy Efficiency


Efficient use

Energy and raw materials entail costs in industry. Acting in an ecological manner, using the increase of energy efficiency as a factor in competition and, ultimately, successfully negotiating the energy transition are already on the agenda of companies today.

The state’s energetic commitment

With the funding programme ENERGIE, the state of Saxony-Anhalt is supporting the companies that have committed themselves to reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.

The Saxony-Anhalt State Energy Agency advises industrial firms, municipalities as well as private individuals and provides support in the implementation of measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency. Saxony-Anhalt’s energy advisor pool can be reached here.

Light test on the streets                              

As an electricity supplier, Stadtwerke Burg GmbH ensures that the streets of 130 German cities have light. At the same time, the supplier is the partner of the municipalities when it comes to making further developments in the efficient use of the energy that is used for street lighting. With sample projects, Stadtwerke Burg’s centre of expertise helps the municipalities to test the LED technology locally. The projects are set up as energy-saving contracting. Municipalities and companies can refinance the project by saving energy.