Belgium and Saxony-Anhalt have fostered intensive trade relations for many years. Imports to Saxony-Anhalt primarily include plastics, chemical raw and finished products and fertiliser.

However, plastics and chemical raw and finished products are also among the main export goods. As a key state within the mid-German chemical landscape, Saxony-Anhalt therefore represents an interesting prospect for Belgium. Furthermore, the processing of chemicals and plastics is amongst the most important and structured areas within the processing industry. The geographical location of Saxony-Anhalt is also a key advantage for Belgian companies.

With the entry of middle and eastern European countries into the European Union, the entire European economic structure has shifted towards the East– and with regards to the flow of traffic - to Saxony-Anhalt. This posed a logistical challenge which Saxony-Anhalt has exceptionally overcome thanks to the successful linking of many logistics carriers.

Successful investments of companies from Belgium in Saxony-Anhalt

Furhter information

Since the year 2000, the funded Belgian companies in Saxony-Anhalt have invested about 100 million Euros and created and saved about 1600 jobs.

In the year 2016, goods worth approximately 575 million Euros were exported from Saxony-Anhalt to Belgium. This is equivalent to a 3,9 percent share of Saxony-Anhalt's total exports, holding the 10th place in the export ranking of Saxony-Anhalt. Belgium imported products with an approximate value of 687 million Euros to Saxony-Anhalt, occupying 6th position within the ranking of import countries.