Austrian investments in Saxony-Anhalt

From the point of view of Austrian companies, Saxony-Anhalt is fantastically connected in all logistical directions: This is where significant European federal motorways and waterways cross. In addition, Saxony-Anhalt is a main hub for Austrian companies for goods that are being exported towards Eastern Europe, into the West-German metropolitan areas or to Scandinavia.

Austrian investors not only benefit from logistical advantages. The central location in the overall German and European region, attractive land prices and opportunities to acquire subsidies for investments are all arguments, which make Saxony-Anhalt interesting for Austrian companies. 

Successful Investments of companies from Austria in Saxony-Anhalt

Further information

About a third of goods, which Austria exported in 2015, came to Germany. The proportion of German products in Austria’s imported goods was even at about 37 percent. An advantage for Austrian companies is the proximity of language and culture.

In 2016, Saxony-Anhalt imported goods with a value of € 546,1 million from Austria. Through this, Austria is at place 11 among the trading partners for Saxony-Anhalt’s imports. The exports to Austria valued about € 956,4 million, ranking at place 4 among the top trading partners.