Progroup AG builds the world’s most modern paper factory in Sandersdorf-Brehna

Haseloff: Good experiences in Saxony-Anhalt lead to new investments

In the presence of Minister-President Dr. Reiner Haseloff and Economics Minister Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, Progroup AG performed the ground-breaking ceremony for its new paper factory in Sandersdorf-Brehna. “Saxony-Anhalt is and will remain attractive to investors. We can be proud that the most modern paper factory in the world is being created in our homeland. If a search through Europe for a location leads to a choice for Saxony-Anhalt, then we cannot have done much wrong. We have obviously benefited, once again, from investors already having had good experiences in Saxony-Anhalt. The framework conditions are right in this region. I thank the company for the confidence that it is placing in Saxony-Anhalt and its municipalities”, explained Haseloff.

Willingmann emphasised: “I am extremely happy that we can now perform the ground-breaking ceremony for the biggest business investment of the past 15 years. Thanks to the cooperation of different stakeholders in the region, Progroup’s new paper factory has been brought to Saxony-Anhalt. With a volume of 375 million euros, this settlement is an economic sensation and definitely not just a paper castle! This major investment will give extra momentum to the region of Anhalt-Bitterfeld.”

Progroup wants to create around 140 new jobs at the site. The company is already operating a corrugated paper factory in Burg.