Fighting muscle atrophy in style

Haynl-Elektronik GmbH has taken the leap into the international market for medical technology

Haynl-Elektronik GmbH in Schönebeck (Elbe) focuses on the development and manufacturing of medical technology for treatment methods in which electrical stimulation and biofeedback training are used. For the innovative small business from Saxony-Anhalt, research collaborations are indispensable if it is to assert itself on the national and international market for medical technology.

Carsten Hentzsch balances himself with one leg on the vibrating treatment surface of a “Posturomed”. The name of this piece of equipment is derived from postural system”. This refers to the combination of all the systems in the human body which provide for posture stability. The software and measurement technology for the “Posturomed” from the company HAIDER BIOSWING in Pullenreuth comes from the company Haynl-Elektronik GmbH in Schönebeck (Elbe). The company from Saxony-Anhalt has made an international name for itself with the development and manufacturing of high-quality medical technology.“This device is used to perform standardised tests on humans for the assessment of their central motor coordination capability. A feedback program creates visual feedback in real time which can be shown on a computer screen. The higher the vibration frequency and vibration amplitude, the lower the stability values,” explains Hentzsch, one of the managing directors of Haynl-Elektronik.

Fighting muscle atrophy in style

The “Posturomed” is used in rehabilitation and competitive sports as well as in prevention. Hentzsch discusses the promotion of occupational health. The offerings in this area have long since become decisive quality factors for good working conditions. According to Hentzsch, back health is a key issue here. Today, physical strain which is considered to be unhealthy includes activities that are of a predominantly sedentary nature. In prophylaxis, the “Posturomed” is used to measure the whole of postural system. On the basis of the data, the device can then be used for feedback-controlled training. The Managing Director of Haynl-Elektronik provides a demonstration. Targeted training sessions are possible by swinging the treatment surface upwards accordingly. As, according to Hentzsch, a person’s muscles can also be trained in old age, the prevention of age-related illnesses such as bone and muscle atrophy or sensor-motor impairments, for example, provides considerable potential for the “Posturomed”.

The proposal for this device originated from the contact that was forged between the Schönebeck-based company and HAIDER BIOSWING at the world’s biggest trade fair for medical technology, the MEDICA in Düsseldorf. Experts meet at the MEDICA every year, where they focus on the healthcare market of tomorrow. Haynl-Elektronik is also a regular attendee at the event, which it uses in order to forge international business relationships and help shape the future market. They have been collaborating with HAIDER for ten years, which has resulted in the continuous further development of the software and technology. It is this form of cooperation with industry, scientists and doctors that enables Haynl-Elektronik with its eight employees – electrical engineers, computer scientists and medical technicians – to develop innovative products.

Biofeedback in real time

The company was founded by Kurt Haynl in 1982. At that time, it developed equipment for occupational medical examinations in hospitals, clinics and company medical practices. In the early 1990s, following from the technological possibilities available after the reunification of Germany, the company concentrated on the development of high-performance therapy equipment and developed high-performance sport as an area of business.

Haynl-Elektronik continues to apply its experience, expertise and networks in the healthcare market, and has established itself as a leading service provider. Its distribution customers sell the Haynl products in Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Cuba, Mexico and Great Britain.

At Haynl-Elektronik, treatment methods for electrical stimulation and biofeedback training are the key focus of product development and manufacturing. “Thanks to our proximity to the practice, we know all about the needs of doctors, therapists and patients,” says Carsten Hentzsch. In cooperation with a medical technology company from the Ruhr area and together with scientists from the Ruhr University Bochum, his company has developed a special electrical stimulation concept and an application-oriented programmable training assistant for stroke rehabilitation.

In close cooperation with urologists, electrotherapy devices for the treatment of various forms of incontinence and bladder emptying disorder have also been launched on the market. They work by applying electrical stimulation to the muscles and nerves. The tension and relaxation which arises as well as muscle contractions which the patient does not perceive sufficiently, are made visible via visual signals. “The medical devices are also ideally suited for home therapy, i.e. for the continuous active training of the endurance, strength and coordination of the muscles,” explains Carsten Hentzsch.

“Currently,” explains the member of the company management, “Haynl-Elektronik considers international foreign marketing to be one of its most important tasks. In an extensive transnational network, we are able to find better conditions for commercial cooperation.” Hentzsch is also thinking of cross-sector contacts in order to open up new business fields for the company based on electronic measurement and control technology.

Author: Kathrain Graubaum

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Innovative prostheses, surgical robots, telemedicine – the opportunities provided by medical technology are revolutionising diagnosis and treatment. Companies from Saxony-Anhalt are at the forefront of the development and manufacture of innovative products in medical technology.
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