Saxony-Anhalt at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017

Economics Minister Professor Dr Armin Willingmann: “We need the best ideas and must come from idea to market success faster and more efficiently than up to now.”

 “Integrated Industries – Creating Value” – under this motto, about 6,500 exhibitors from 70 nations and about 2,500 international journalists will meet with more than 200,000 professional visitors from 24 to 28 April for the worldwide largest industrial performance show, the HANNOVER MESSE. Ten small and medium-sized enterprises will be presenting application examples for Industry 4.0, unique solutions for networking, new products as well as trendsetting system solutions at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017joint stand of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt in Hall 4/G05.

“The crucial challenges for our economy – globalisation, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – provide new opportunities and are pivotal drivers for our economic growth. We need the best ideas so that we can also retain our economic and social prosperity in the future and remain successful on world markets. And we must come from idea to market success faster and more efficiently than up to now. For this purpose we have initiated a better promotion of innovation open to different technologies, which particularly has a stronger focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in the state,” said Saxony-Anhalt’s Economics Minister Professor Dr Armin Willingmann, today at the start of the HANNOVER MESSE.

For instance, MEWA GmbH from Wanzleben, a company specialising in the production of precision components in the field of metal processing, primarily in rail vehicle construction and medical engineering, is making a premiere at the state joint stand in Hanover. The family-run company processes raw material according to individual customer requests into precision products. The portfolio includes all forms of metal processing: turning, milling, lasers, shearing and folding, processing inserts, welding on the highest certification level, pressing, CAD/CAM, bonding, anodising, galvanising and zinc coating, painting in accordance with DB specifications and powder coatings. The company comes from the steel trade, but intends to substantially increase the percentage of production in the coming years. “We are using the HANNOVER MESSE as a springboard for this purpose”, says managing director Stefanie Franke.

The product range featured by Wellco-Drill GmbH from Stendal includes customised and innovative drilling rigs with which ground water can be tapped from a depth of up to several hundred metres. Wellco-Drill is preparing for the expansion and revival of customer relations at home and abroad. International distribution partners in Austria, Denmark, Norway, in the Netherlands and Hungary help in this regard. The company was founded 38 years ago in Celle, Lower Saxony. “In December 2015 we bought up the Stendal operation from the insolvency estate with the staff of ten employees”, says managing director Frank Lösche. In the meantime, the workforce has already increased by more than double, including also three trainees. The new start is at the same time a return to the company’s roots, supplemented with the modern technologies of Industry 4.0. “In the future we intend to focus again on drilling equipment for well construction as well as geothermal energy”, says the managing director of Wellco-Drill.

Tesvolt Speichertechnologie GmbH from Lutherstadt Wittenberg shows how power can be provided with battery systems which achieve up to ten percent more overall efficiency. And they not only do this in Germany, but also in Siberia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Great Britain, Spain, the Philippines and Mali (Africa). “We are starting from Europe out into the world in order to revolutionise the energy storage market”, says key account manager Mathias Zdzieblowski. “Our discussions at trade fair appearances make it clear that a change is underway right now in the awareness of our customers. Entrepreneurs do not want to be at the mercy of electricity price fluctuations.” Together with Samsung SDI the company developed a battery module system with a 30-year lifespan. “BMW has this battery in its electric cars – and we in our new energy storage device”, says CEO Daniel Hannemann. “Our new energy storage device has an incredible efficiency of 98 percent, because now we have also optimised the charging currents from module to module. Moreover, our battery management system monitors the status of every single cell. So damages can already be preventively avoided”, says Hannemann.

AMS Arneburger Maschinen- und Stahlbau GmbH from the north of Saxony-Anhalt is also on a growth course. Regardless of whether it is housing construction in Dubai, waste incineration in China or power plant engineering in Greece – AMS provides components, special machinery and plant engineering for use on construction sites, in harbours, in power plants and in the coal and steel industry. With the completion of a new factory building and thanks to the linkage with the Elbe River harbour, AMS intends to play in a higher league in the future: starting in the early summer, up to 100 tonnes of heavy components can be lifted, loaded and also transported along waterways. Started in 1996 as a family enterprise with ten employees, since that time AMS has continually grown. Up to now, many economic fluctuations could be settled without great problems due to a broad portfolio, explains Christoph Balle, who is responsible for product planning at AMS. In the meantime, more than 150 employees are active in the AMS Group in mechanical engineering, crane construction or service.

“I am repeatedly impressed to see how much our company has already adapted to the progressive digitalisation in its production processes, but also in all other segments of the economy. The fact that digitalisation and internationalisation are the pivotal key for future viability is deeply anchored in the consciousness of the business community in Saxony-Anhalt”, says the Minister Willingmann. Professor Willingmann emphasises how important participations in trade fairs are, particularly in view of the necessary internationalisation: “The HANNOVER MESSE is enormously important for Saxony-Anhalt’s industry, because the small-scale structure makes it difficult for many companies to gain a foothold on international markets. Last year our companies had to cope with setbacks in export. It is all the more important that we can mobilise additional resources for trade fair participations by SMEs in the new structural fund period so that our companies can present themselves to a world audience like now in Hanover and be able to establish new contacts.”

Economics Minister Professor Dr Armin Willingmann will obtain information among the exhibitors from Saxony-Anhalt on Tuesday, 25 April, while Science State Secretary Dr Jürgen Ude will visit the HANNOVER MESSE on 26 April, and Economics State Secretary Thomas Wünsch will visit the trade fair on 27 April 2017.

We cordially invite you to Hanover for media coverage.

Other exhibitors to be featured at the stand representing the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 are dGW Gummiwerke AG, awab Umformtechnik und Präzisionsmechanik GmbH, SeCO Thale GmbH, Thermoplast GmbH, JS-Lasertechnik GmbH and PHM Industrieanlagen GmbH.

The trade fair stand is realised on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digitalisation and financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Central German research institutions, including 21 projects and exhibits from universities, institutions of higher education and research institutions in Saxony-Anhalt, will be demonstrating their trendsetting developments at the joint stand “Research for the Future” in Hall 2/A38.

Numerous other companies from Saxony-Anhalt will be represented as individual exhibitors in Hanover, including CG Drives & Automation Germany GmbH from Wernigerode, Dell Halle GmbH or the Magdeburg company Jan Bilin.

For instance, HYPOS and Spitzencluster BioEconomy will be on hand as exhibitors in thematic special presentations.

You will find current information, links to exhibitors, exhibits and projects by universities at the central German research stand as well as the registered individual exhibitors from Saxony-Anhalt at

Engineers have the best facilities HERE. Companies such as Laempe Mössner Sintro GmbH, NTN Antriebstechnik GmbH and JS Lasertechnik GmbH from Saxony-Anhalt will relate what industrial automation means to them in the course of film contributions at

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