Grants for H&B Omega and Symacon / 20 new jobs

District of Börde: mechanical engineers invest 3.4 million Euros / Ude: "Seizing opportunities for the future”

A financial boost for two technology companies in the district of Börde: Today, State Secretary Dr. Jürgen Ude awarded two grants to support investments to the companies H&B Omega Europa GmbH from Osterweddingen and Symacon GmbH from Barleben. The companies are owned by the Magdeburg-based holding company Inteb-M GmbH, which wants to turn medium-sized businesses into a technologically sophisticated mechanical engineering company which is based in Saxony-Anhalt.

The company H&B Omega Europa GmbH, which specialises on the development, manufacturing and sale of friction welding machines and currently employs approximately 60 people, is extending its business premises at a cost of 2.4 million Euros. The project is being supported with approx. 483,000 Euros from the joint task for "Improving Regional Economic Structures" (GRW); twelve new jobs are to be created. The company Symacon GmbH is investing one million Euros in new plant and machinery. Currently with approximately 80 employees, the company develops and manufactures automation solutions for a variety of industrial applications. The expansion is being supported with approximately 207,000 Euros from the GRW; eight new jobs are to be created.

Ude commented as follows: “Investments lubricate the economy. Those who invest want to seize opportunities and strengthen employment. Saxony-Anhalt is home to strong mechanical engineers and automotive suppliers. To be economically successful over the long term, they must also rise to the challenges of the future. Whether it is digitalisation, electric mobility or securing skilled workers – those who keep trying here and invest wisely will have good prospects for the future.”

Commercial Director Matthias Bittrich stressed the following: “H&B Omega supplies to leading customers worldwide and is one of just four European competitors. Our higher precision servo-electric friction welding process compared with our competitors is an advantage in terms of new high-tech applications – in electric mobility, for example.” Bernd Petermann, Managing Director, added: "In the network with the educational and research institutions in the Magdeburg region and industrial partners, H&B Omega is committed to further developing the region at the international level as a top address for welding technology. The facilities of Symacon GmbH are varied and range from small-scale measuring stations to the interlinking of sophisticated manufacturing systems for customers, including those from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and e-commerce."