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Innocon Systems from Tangermünde develops innovative IT for the healthcare sector

Digitalisation is providing the opportunity for more efficient work-flows in the healthcare sector and for higher patient satisfaction – an area of application in which the company Innocon Systems GmbH has considerable experience. The company based in Tangermünde develops innovative software solutions for hospitals.

“The general population is becoming more aware of health issues,” says Hagen Woecht. He discusses the changing role of patients, something to which doctors, practices and hospitals are increasingly adapting. After all, patients who take the initiative to find out about health-related topics also want to be treated as mature patients. Hagen Woecht has a degree in IT and considers digitalisation to present a considerable opportunity for resolving this task, which is no longer something for the future. His company Innocon Systems GmbH, in Tangermünde, develops innovative software solutions, principally for the healthcare sector. “Our programs function without a keyboard or mouse, using barcodes, wireless recognition or mobile devices,” explains Woecht.

The efficiency of the work processes also takes centre stage for his customers in the healthcare sector. Innocon Systems has developed “medpaper” to reduce handwritten work to a minimum. The “medpaper” are self-generating digital documents for the purposes of information, treatment or documentation. A program would collect all the information about a patient that has already been provided and create a new document on the basis of the new requirements.

“Medpaper has grown into paperless patient documentation for the tablet,” says Hagen Woecht, before turning to another example of efficiency: The transport service at Münster University Hospital is now able to register radiological patients at the patient terminal by barcode scan. Patients with an appointment can also register there. This frees up space at the reception desk. “Our ‘transport routing’ has been running in test mode in Münster for half a year,” says the IT expert and laughs: no, he isn’t one of those who writes unrealistic programs which are unsuitable for practical applications. On the contrary, he’s an insider.

An IT expert who is familiar with hospital processes

During his period of civilian service at Stendal hospital in the early 1990s, the young man’s skills were recognised and put to use with the objective of making the IT fit for the new era. Long before he owned his first computer, he wrote simple programs on paper without being able to put them to the test. This did not detract from his enthusiasm though, and culminated in an apprenticeship as an electronics technician. Hagen Woecht is proud of his correspondence course at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, from which he graduated with a degree in IT in 2006.

In 2010, Hagen Woecht founded Innocon Systems GmbH – together with two other partners – equipped with his experience as an IT manager at Stendal Hospital and as planner in an engineering company which completed a lot of work for hospitals. His team includes computer scientists, software developers, project managers and account managers who are currently working on some 40 projects from the base in Tangermünde. Although the customers also come from the world of industry, they are mainly from hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Hagen Woecht visits them on site; he gets a picture of their work processes. The Radiology Department of the University Hospital Zurich wanted to reduce the number of failed examinations due to missed appointments. “Sometimes radioactive contrast media are ordered especially for the patient and expire after a short time. This also results in a financial loss,” says Hagen Woecht. Innocon Systems has developed software that automatically reminds the patient of the appointment by text message. This software is now being used by the Radiology Department at the Charité hospital in Berlin, too.

webOrder communication portal in pilot use

As a software developer, you have to be extremely agile and find a solution to a problem very rapidly, explains Woecht. In this respect, two companies have been particularly reliable partners for his requirements: GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of General Electrics, is a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions, and Nexus AG, which supplies cutting edge IT applications to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and retirement homes throughout Europe.

The willingness of physicians to include their patients in the treatment and to give them a variety of information rights is driving the demand for software-based solutions, explains the boss of Innocon. Another innovative product from his company is “webOrder”. The communication portal can be accessed by PC, mobile phone or tablet. It is in pilot operation at the Altmark-Klinikum with sites at Salzwedel and Gardelegen. The clinic enables its patients to access diagnoses, doctor’s letters and X-ray images securely via the Internet. If the patient is admitted to the hospital, the information and medical history forms can be filled out electronically at home. For this project, not to mention others, Innocon Systems GmbH was awarded the Altmark Business Prize in the “Services” category in 2016. “We have had new products for a long time with which we can take part in the competition again,” says Hagen Woecht, adding that this business award not only helps to raise the profile of the winner, but also that of the region. Woecht describes himself as someone who is committed to his region of the Altmark. Whenever he embarks on a business trip, he speaks highly of its attractive attributes as a location for living and business.

Author: Kathrain Graubaum

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