MAUT AG expands location

Company invests about 1.9 million euros

Willingmann: “Important employer in the region”

The company Mansfeld Anlagenbau und Umwelttechnik AG (MAUT AG) is expanding its business premises in the Garbed district of Hobbits (Mansfeld-Südharz administrative district): the company is investing nearly 1.9 million euros in new machinery and facilities. The project is being supported by the state with about 658,000 euros from the “Joint Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structure” (GRW). Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, Minister for Economy, Science and Digitalisation, submitted the funding decision today during a visit to the company.

MAUT AG was founded in 2005 and specialises in the customer-specific construction of machinery, steel structures, containers and pipelines. Primarily components for tunnel excavation technology, special fittings and sign gantries for traffic guidance facilities are produced with the current workforce of about 40 employees.

While handing over the funding decision Willingmann said: “MAUT AG is an important employer in the region. It is a good signal – especially also for the workforce – that the company is now investing once again and thus strengthening its competitive ability. Due to the constant investment MAUT AG is laying the foundation for a successful economic future.”

Since 2000, 228 investments by companies with a total of about 158.4 million euros have been funded from the GRW in the Mansfeld-Südharz administrative district. Investments with a total volume of about 839.4 million euros have been promoted and nearly 2,800 new jobs have been created as a result.

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